College Prep
Associated Student Body


College Prep's ASB helps make school more engaging for students by offering various activities throughout the year.  Please check back often for upcoming events and opportunities to support ASB.

College Prep - ASB


to this school year's

ASB and ASB Cabinet!!!

We are thrilled to have

such a wonderful group

of students,

Full of that Tiger Pride

as our first ASB

at our new school campus.

Thanks to everyone who signed up to help make College Prep

an even better place for students.

A Big Tiger's Roar

goes out to the this year's

ASB Advisors:

Ms. Coplan and Mrs. Casagrande!

ASB will meet every Tuesday during after-school tutorial.

Keep an eye on our

school blog, Tiger's Tale,

for all of the exciting

things ASB has in store

for our school this year!!!