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College Prep
Student Government Association


Welcome back Tigers!  This year we have decided to revitalize our student leadership organization and as such have formed the Student Government Association.  Our first order of business was a summer leadership workshop held at CPMS.  Eight representatives of each of the CPMS graduating classes of 2024, 2025, and 2026 joined us.  Together we learned how to work as a team, trust one another, and grow as leaders.  We are currently drafting the Constitution of College Prep Middle School's SGA and planning activities to build tiger pride throughout the school year.

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College Prep - SGA

The purpose of the SGA as written by your representatives:

1. To foster a respectful community

2.To work toward an inclusive community

3. To be hard working people`

4.Spread kindness and positivity

5. Model leadership to others

6. To have a growth mindset

7. To promote integrity in our community

8. To show confidence

9. To make creative students

10. To inspire healthy habits

11. To build better student / faculty relationships


There will be two representatives in each Tiger's Den. 

If you have any ideas or concerns, please speak with them and we will ensure your voice is heard. 


Class of 2027--We have not forgotten about you. 

Once you have adjusted to life in middle school,

we will select representatives among you. 

If you are interested, speak with an SGA representative

(you'll see them in light blue shirts around campus)

or your Tiger's Den teacher.


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