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Established in 2018, College Prep Middle School (CPMS)
is a public charter school,
developed by two school administrators
with years of educational experience and a proven track record of increasing
student achievement and dramatically increasing school API.


Charter Schools

  • Are open to the public and are tuition-free.

  • Must comply with both state and federal educational mandates.



College Prep Middle School (CPMS)

  • Open to all students, Grades 5-8, throughout San Diego County.

  • An academically demanding program with a strong literacy base.

  •  A positive college bound focus.

  •  Small class size: 25 students per class!!!

  •  Full complement of core subject matter.

  •                 -Enrichment and Supports.

  •  Preparation for high school-level coursework.

  •  Development of good character and positive citizenship.

  •  Collaboration with families and community organizations.

College Prep Middle School (CPMS) is a small public charter school, authorized by the California State Board of Education (SBE), serving grades 5-8 located in the East County of San Diego (Spring Valley, CA). CPMS offers a rigorous academic college prep program with an emphasis on literacy.  The two school administrators, Ms. Christina Callaway and Mr.  Mitchell Miller, previously founded and operated the original College Prep Middle School (CPMS) beginning in 2010 which earned an impressive 941 API on the 2012-13 California Standardized Tests (CST/STAR) and, according to the California Title Company report, CPMS was listed as the 3rd highest ranking middle school in San Diego County. These achievements are a true testament to all of the hard work by our students, teachers and families. We believe that this partnership is the key to our success and the foundation of our "nurturing community for the middle school learner."


As a school of choice, we encourage prospective families to visit our website ( and blog (Tiger's Tale) to learn more about our program and to see all the wonderful things happening at CPMS in order to ensure that this school is the best fit for your family.  


And as we say each and every day at CPMS:

Take care of yourselves, each other and this place.


Go Tigers!!!

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