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Grade 5

           Ms. Nealon (ELA)

          Ms. Gongora (Math)

          Mr. Bobroskie (Science)

          Mr. Trench (History)


Grade 6

           Ms. Guiten (ELA)

          Mrs. Walker (Math)

          Ms. Mulligan (Science)

          Mrs. Casagrande (History)


 ​ Grade 7

            Ms. Jevens (ELA)

           Mrs. Brodersen (Math)

           Mrs. Stenger (Science)

           Mrs. Coplan (History)


 ​Grade 8

            Mr. Bensley (ELA)

           Ms. Gregory (Math)

           Ms. Spencer (Science)

           Mrs. Mellinger (History)


Physical Education/Wellness


            Mrs. Drada

            Mr. Mosier

   Student Support Services

                    ​​Ms. Serrano

                    Mrs. McNamara

                    Ms. Ellis

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